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JEM Enterprises, owned and operated by Ed and Jerri Minshew offers the discerning pistolsmiths the opportunity to utilize the highest quality parts available for the construction of 1911 style semi-automatic pistols.  Availability of frames, slides, and other parts has been a frequently discussed issue with custom builders.  Recognizing this shortfall, JEM Enterprises was established to address the issue head on with the added forethought of understanding the problem the custom and limited market manufacturers face.     PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP!  

JEM Enterprises is willing to establish and maintain a variance for manufacturing 'your weapon' under 'your name'.  Nothing new there; except, we do not care how many units you produce.  We will apply for a variance for your name and serial number sequences as prescribed by ATF regulations whether it is for 1 or 100,000 units.  If you have a valid 07 federal firearms license you obviously have entered into this business with all due seriousness.  Why not go to the next level to produce a product with your name proudly engraved for all to see and recognize.  We will happily apply for the variance!       

                                                                           MAKING YOUR PRODUCT LINE POSSIBLE!

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JEM Enterprises
Georgetown, Tx.

Thanks to the team at EGW, we now have a VERY close match to our competition high rise back strap.  They feature 0.250 radii on the tangs, closer fit on all pocket dimensions, and quick disassembly without removing the mainspring housing.  The paddle width is widened to 0.775 to allow for a clean blend to the sides of the frames. 
 These come in stainless and carbon, and are  available at OEM prices when ordered in quantity with our frames.  It is recommended you use the JEM mainspring housing if you are looking for 'ZERO' gaps. 

We now offer frames custom made to accept the EGW 0.250 radius Grip Safety/Beaver Tail and their corresponding Mainspring Housings.  They are optimized to reduce the amount of time needed to fit their product and blend to the frames.